Beanies are creatures that live in the Beanbean Kingdom. They seem to be the Mushroom Kingdom's equivalent to the Goomba. Beanies come in three varieties: the generic Beanie, Parabeanies, and the much rarer Gold Beanie. Beanies and Parabeanies attack by body-slamming Mario or Luigi. When a normal Beanie is close to the bro, they will run right toward them, and when the Beanie is slightly farther away, they will trip before attacking. They can be countered by jumping on top of them. Beanies live all through the Beanbean Kingdom, from Hoohoo Mountain to the Seabed.

Mario and Luigi can also fight enemies called Pestnuts. These spiked enemies also attack by body slamming. After taking a certain amount of damage, however, the spikes will fall away, revealing the Beanie underneath. The Beanie will then simply attack normally from then on. Sometimes it is a Gold Beanie underneath, however, and this is the only way to encounter one. Unfortunately, Gold Beanies will never stick around to fight; and will run away the instant it is their turn, so it is also luck that allows Mario and Luigi to defeat them. Successfully defeating a Gold Beanie will give the player Spike Badge or a Chuckola Badge.

When Parabeanies take a certain amount of damage, they will lose their wings, and become ordinary Beanies again.


  • More evidence to suggest that Beanies are the Beanbean equivalent to Goombas is the fact that they are the generic type of creature found there (Goomba=fungus;Beanie=bean).
  • Even more evidence to support this is that, like Goombas, they attack by ramming foes.
  • And yet even more evidence is that they come in ground and winged versions (Goomba=Paragoomba;Beanie=Parabeanie(note that Paragoombas do not appear in the Mario and Luigi series, only in other Mario games).