Cavi Cape is a minor area in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and is where Fawful put Bowser after he took the Lucky Shroom. It is mainly filled with Chuboombas Bowser can battle. This area consists of two Sections: Cavi Cape Cave and Cavi Cape Exit.

Cavi Cape CaveEdit

Cavi Cape Caves doesn't consist of any enemies of any sort, Instead, it's main purpose is for Bowser to test what his abilities are, with it being mainly punching. Many boulders reside in The Cavi Cape Caves, for Bowser to hit. There is also a Iron Ball Contraption. Bowser must hit one of the falling Iron Balls to activate the switch which leads to another area in the Cavi Cape Cave.

Cavi Cape ExitEdit

The Cavi Cape Exit is more a major section of Cavi Cape, which has many roaming Chuboombas and Borps. At the entrance, Fawful will explain to Midbus his plan to rule the Mushroom Kingdom. Fawful then sends him out to battle Bowser, And some-how in battle, Fawful explains what to do in battle. After the loss against Midbus, Bowser must explore and exit Cavi Cape. Before the final few rooms, Bowser will come across a Crater. After he walks past it, a Mysterious voice is heard by Bowser. This voice explains to Bowser about Chakroads. After it's tutorial for Chakroads, Bowser then has to advance to Plack Beach.


  • Cavi Cape is notable for being one of two areas to have multiple Chakroads, having two, along with Peach's Castle.