Kamek on his broom

" guys are really starting to chap my shell!"

-Kamek to the Mario Bros.


Mario and Luigi: Partners in TimeEdit

In Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time Baby Bowser calls Kamek to bring the Koopa Cruiser after the Shroobs start attacking the castle. Kamek is then seen in Baby Bowser's Castle looking for Baby Bowser, who landed somewhere there after the crash. Kamek does not fight them, but summons enemies to fight. Kamek is later seen on Yoshi's Island, and uses magic to conjure up fires around the island, slowing the brothers down. After putting out the fires and advancing toward the top of the island, Kamek finally fights the player. Kamek makes his final appearance at the ending, in which both he and Baby Bowser are seen on the top screen flying away.


Normal KamekEdit

  • HP = 450 (601)
  • POW = 48
  • DEF = 36
  • SPEED = 29 (31)

Clone KamekEdit

  • HP = 1
  • POW = 40
  • DEF = 36
  • SPEED = 29 (31)

(stats in brackets are from Japan and Europe)

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside StoryEdit

In the beginning of the game, after Bowser is thrown out of Peach's Castle, a unnamed Magikoopa revives Bowser, then teaches him how to punch and breath fire. At the ending scene, a Magikoopa that is possibly the same one treats Bowser's wounds and tells him about the arrival of Birdley. Many assume that this Magikoopa is Kamek, as his personality is very similar in the ending. although bowser paid no attention, kamek warned him of fawful!