Bis Seapipe

The Sea Pipe Statue Shining.

Plack Beach Is A Location Which Made It's Debut in Mario and Luigi:Bowser's Inside Story. It is located in the South-East Section of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is where The Sage Chakron Resides. The Player Must first exit Cavi Cape As Bowser And reach Plack Beach. When the Player has gone through A Few Area's, He will Encounter Broque Moisuer, Who is standed on an island close to the Beach, The Players Task is to Pull the Rope In the Arm Center to pull the Island To the Beach. Then Broque shall Reward Bowser The Vacuum Block and demonstrates how to use it In A Battle. After Bowser's Victory, He Will Keep Going. When the Player Encounters The Sea Pipe Statue, of which, Was Brought to life By A Fawfulcopter. After Winning the Battle, Bowser had finally Found Out About Starlow (Who Bowser Implies As 'Chippy')

It Is also a Nescesary Area for the Mario Bros to enter, To Find The Third Sage: Chakron. It is also the area Where they Stumble Upon Kuzzle, Who gives them the Spin Pipe Ability if you figure out His Puzzle. When The Player Meets Chakron, He Is Practically Invincible (Due to to his Psychic Abilities). The Player must then Go to Dimble Wood To collect the Attack Peices For Snack Basket. After the Bros have Snack Basket, They Must Rematch Chakron And Use Snack Basket. He will then Fall out of his '1500 Year Stance' and then Gives the Player the Third and Final Star Cure.